Linear and Rotary Actuator Spares and Service

Following the acquisition of Adwest Adamant in August 2000, Hutchinson & Dibley is now able to offer all of the current range of Linear Actuators. In addition we will continue to support obsolete Actuators made and sold under the names Western Manufacturing, Adamant Engineering and Adwest Engineering. Our manufacturing and repair facility is certified by major Gas Turbine / Jet manufacturers around the world and to ISO9001:2008

For Spares, Sales and Service of all Actuators, Switches and Motors listed below please call:- + 44 (0)1865 522750



Actuator repair and overhaul service

The following Model and Part numbers are supported

EOJ150 Mk3; EOJ150181; EOJ150701; EOJ150611; EOJ150631; EOJ150711; EROJ30371; UA2100; UA2120; EJ25 Mk1D; EOJ150 Mk17; EOJ150571; UA2250; UA5420; UA5440; UA5460; UA5466; UA5666;UA5966; UA6466; EROJ30 Mk2; EROJ30081; ERJ60 Mk18; ERJ60101; ERJ60 Mk22; EROJ30 Mk3; EROJ30131; ERJ85 Mk1; ERJ85001; ERJ85 Mk2; ERJ85041; ERJ85 Mk3; ERJ85050; EROJ30 Mk3B; MAA2705/1; TS101 Mk14; TS151 Mk14A; TS321 Mk21; SS075; SS125; UA570; UA770; G100 Mk10; EJ25 Mk2D; EJ25 Mk5C; EJ60 Mk19; 0213221; 0213321; 0213201; 0213301

EROJ30371 series Actuator Spares.



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